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Important Things to Consider When Cleaning Your Windows

Windows not only play an essential part in the beauty of the house, but they are also important for ventilation. Keeping the windows clean ensures that your house looks presentable and you can get as much light as required. The task seems straightforward, but it can be quite complicated once you get started. You may desire to keep your windows crystal clear but have no idea on how to go about this. To sort you out, here are some essential things to consider when cleaning your windows.

1.      The Use of Window Cleaning Equipment – If you have ever noticed, professional window cleaners use certain specialised equipment in the cleaning of windows. This should also apply to your home cleaning purposes. It does not mean that you should use the industrial-grade products in your home; instead, you should adapt to smaller versions suitable for a house. Such specialised equipment, once used, will make a vast difference between clean and sparkling. Windows should not be cleaned with either paper or microfiber towels. Using towels only gives a clean impression for a while, which then fades away afterwards. Instead of using towels, you can purchase a squeegee which works as a handy tool for window cleaning. This will be used to keep your glass clean and safe from scratches. For home windows, a smaller squeegee would work excellently. The simple tool will also clean your windows without creating an electrostatic force that will attract dust back again.

2.      Select the Right Cleaner Depending On Your Window Type – A cleaning agent is also another important thing to consider when cleaning your windows. The market has a lot of cleaning agents, and finding the best one can be quite tough, especially when you have no clue about what you are looking for. With a bad cleaning agent, the windows will not achieve the sparkling cleanliness you desire. Using water alone will also not remove most of the dirt and stains. To remove the stubborn marks and sterilise the windows, you can use an ammonia-based cleaner which works with most of the windows. The cleaner is quite powerful, in that it only requires a small amount for the stains to be removed with a simple wipe. The ammonia also evaporates quite fast, leaving your windows magnificently clean. The ammonia should however not be used for stained windows, as this will only cause them to be permanently clouded. There are other cleaning agents best suited for such windows.