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4 Essential Steps to Reinforce Your Brick Retaining Walls

Brick retaining walls serve numerous purposes. From preventing soil erosion on the uneven landscape to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property, these retaining walls have much to offer. But even with all the advantages brick retaining walls provide, you must reinforce them to make the most out of them. Reinforcement enables these walls to withstand more pressure that can weaken them over time. Keep reading for some essential steps for reinforcing your brick retaining walls. 

Use Concrete Fill

The current market offers different types of bricks for your retaining walls. You can find bricks with holes in their centre or without. If the bricks have holes on their inside, you can fill them with concrete to reinforce them even more. Generally, this step is simple by following mixing steps on concrete bags. You can also place rebar into the holes and use a sledgehammer to pound it into the ground. After this, pour the concrete mix into the brick holes and allow it to cure. 

Use Wire Mesh 

Another excellent way to reinforce your brick retaining walls is by using wire mesh. Fasten the wire mesh alongside the sides of your bricks until fully covered. You can use concrete bolts and a hammer drill to install the wire mesh. Place the concrete bolts at every corner and after every couple of feet around the perimeter and centre. 

Brace it with Rebar 

Rebar is generally a highly sturdy material commonly used to reinforce concrete structures. You can also use it to brace brick retaining walls and effectively block soil that cascades towards it. To achieve more strength, choose a type of rebar that's slightly taller than your retaining wall. Place the rebar poles in front of the wall to ensure it's flush with the brick. After this, hammer it into the ground until its level with the brick wall. Then place the rebar poles on both sides of the brick wall to reinforce both sides. 

Use Landscaping Timber

If you need to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your brick retaining walls, landscaping timber can help you achieve that quickly. Your retaining walls will achieve a beautiful look while gaining more strength. Before placing the rebar as discussed in the third point, consider stacking timber along the wall's base. Then, place another timber layer staggered over the first one. Slice the wood to fill any open edges. Continue this routine until you've covered both sides of your brick retaining wall. After this, you can add your rebar bracing the same way you did in the third step. 

Contact a local contractor to learn more about brick retaining walls.