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Kitchen Countertops Trends to Expect in 2018

Notably, most Australian homeowners are opting for stone as the go-to material for kitchen countertops. Aside from being durable, stone countertops are easy to maintain, clean, and most importantly unique. Despite these advantages, as a stone worker, you would be wrong to stock up just any patterns and colors that come to mindas a stoneworker. Nowadays, homeowners are trendy and keep watch of what is in season and what is not. Therefore, you should position yourself to offer clients what they need by keeping in touch with prevailing trends. This article highlights countertop trends that are likely to take the kitchen world by storm in 2018.

Thinner Countertops -- Traditionally, clients have loved thick countertops of about ¾ inches. However, if the current client orders are anything to go by, you should expect their preference to shift from thicker to thinner countertops as we near 2018. The reason is that homeowners are trying to make their kitchens sleeker and compact countertops achieve the minimalistic look. Another advantage is that thin slabs create the illusion of a floating countertop thereby enhancing that classy appearance. Therefore, whatever type of stone or color you stock for countertops, make sure that you have both slimmer and thicker designs.

Neutral Tones -- Bold colors resembling mid-century style are slowly losing their place in the kitchen; come 2018, you should see more people going for softer and neutral tones. Currently, most countertops in homes can be found in shades of bright, blue, or black. However, this should change as we approach 2018 where you are likely to see more whites or beige. As clients look to highlight their kitchen components, only neutral countertop backgrounds can help them to achieve such an objective.

Flush Kitchen Sinks and Countertops -- With modern countertops incorporating kitchen sinks, clients are turning to those that show no distinction between the sink and the countertop itself. One of the advantages of a flush sink and countertop is that it makes cleaning a breeze since there is no break for dirt to stick. Additionally, the seamless blend between these two sections produces a chic look. Notably, you do not have to worry about the design of your clients' home, whether modern or country, because flush countertops can fit in both. Therefore, if you want to maintain your customers and attract new ones in 2018, make sure that you stock up countertops that integrate the sink section.