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Successfully Plan and Implement a Car Park for Your Business

If you run any sort of business where customers visit you by car, having your own car park can vastly increase trade. While designating a patch of land of roughly the right size and maybe putting up a sign is enough to work as a car park, it's not ideal.

To introduce an efficient, effective car park for your business, you should use line marking paint to add a bit of structure. This ensures that customers can make maximum use of the space available and that cars are arranged safely without causing obstructions. These are the things to consider when you're designing and setting up your car park.

Put it down on paper

Before you get started actually getting your car park ready, you should come up with a design on paper. You don't have to have an architectural background to do this, and it can be fairly rough. The main point is to ensure you have even spaces and don't run into any unforeseen problems during painting. There's nothing worse than ending up with a strange-looking micro-space squeezed into a corner because you didn't plan properly; it's of no use to anyone and makes you look less professional.

Make sure you use the right measurements

When you're measuring your car park area, make sure you do it accurately or your plans can quite easily become useless when you start implementing them. Even more important is ensuring your marked parking spaces are the right size. While this varies from one place to the next, 2.5 by 5 metres is a good guideline, with ample room between for opening doors. Check with your local authorities to find out if there are legal regulations governing car parking sizes.

Use the proper tools and materials

For durable, long-lasting results, it's essential to use proper line marking paint. Anything else is likely to wear away quickly and need to be reapplied, and it might even damage the paintwork of cars. To get neat, straight lines, you should use a line marking applicator as doing it freehand is unlikely to get the result you want.

Don't forget about special parking spaces

You should try and provide at least one space for disabled drivers, situated close to the entrance of your building. If possible, some parent and child spaces are also useful for those taking children with them. These can be marked clearly using stencils, so people can find them easily and recognise their purpose. Finally, it's worth considering leaving a loading area so you can receive deliveries without delay.