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4 Reasons Why A Brick Fence Is Such An Attractive Option For Your Home

When it comes to building a new fence for your home, there are many different options available. Traditional materials like timber are still common and newer styles such as vinyl or coated aluminium are also popular choices. While many of these fencing styles are quick and easy to build and inexpensive to purchase and construct, many people still opt for a brick fence instead.

While it's true that a brick fence is one of the costlier types of fence that you can choose, you may find that the added expense is more than compensated for by the end result. Here are four reasons why a brick fence is such an attractive and popular choice for many Australian homeowners.

1. They're strong and durable

Brick fences have provided sturdy boundaries for homes for centuries. It's a testament to their strength and longevity that many that were built decades or even centuries ago are still standing and in great condition. Adding a brick fence to your home means that you won't need to replace your fence during your lifetime, or even the lifetime of your children and grandchildren.

2. They're low maintenance

Brick is a material that requires very little upkeep or maintenance. Your brick fence may need the occasional clean down with water to remove dust and grime but it will never need to be sanded, repainted or have products added to its surface to stay in top shape. The surface of bricks can become a little tarnished from the elements over time but this can adds vintage charm to their appearance.

3. They provide design flexibility

Brick fences make an attractive addition to any type of home whether it's a brand new, uber-modern building or a period dwelling from colonial times. They can be left bare for a traditional look or coated with a hardy cement render for a more contemporary style. Adding decorative features using timber, colorbond steel or ornate wrought iron lets you create a unique and personal look to your fence.

4. They act as an effective sound barrier

If you live in an urban area with close neighbours, heavy passing foot traffic or near a busy road, then dulling the sound of the outside world is important. The dense, solid structure of a brick wall is a great way to dampen these city noises and helps to create a calm and serene haven in your house and garden that other fence styles simply don't achieve.