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Tips for selecting an aesthetically appealing air conditioning unit

There has always been a clash between function and aesthetic appeal in the home. While some features are useful in enabling the home to function correctly, they may not be the best looking. One of these items is an air conditioning unit. Certainly, your home would be quite uncomfortable without a well-functioning A/C.

However, many homeowners struggle with a unit that interferes with the focal point of the room and throws off interior decor. In recent years, A/C manufacturers have been at the forefront of designing aesthetically appealing units that can blend easily with the home. The good thing about these units is that they look great right out of the box.

Here's what you should consider when selecting one of these units. 

1. Think of size and shape

Perhaps the most important stylistic element of a good-looking A/C is its size and shape. Everyone has their own preferences, and the design of your home will determine your final choice. For example, living rooms that are slightly smaller can work well with slender, yet tall air conditioners.

Rather than using ducts and vents for a small space, these units come as stand alone A/Cs and look great when placed flush against a wall in the room. Look for portable air conditioners that are designed with a slick and smooth surface that matches your modern décor. In addition, digital displays and controls on the device can add to a futuristic and stylish design.

2. Colour also makes a difference

When selecting a portable air conditioner, you should pay attention to its colour. A wall-mounted unit can look appealing with a bold colour that attracts attention. You can even make the unit a focal pint of the room by surrounding it with other matching wall hangings.

The wall-mounted unit should have retractable vents that slide open when the unit is on, and then retract when not in use.

3. The design of ducts and vents

Who said that all central air systems have old and worn out ducts and vents? Consider A/C units that come with beautiful vent covers or duct materials that add to a slick and modern home design. In fact, old and rusty air vents can be disguised with beautiful vent covers that come in a variety of designs and colours.

4. The central control unit

Most central air systems come with a thermostat control that is used to regulate air temperature in the home. This control unit can be made to look modern and stylish with multiple controls, touchscreen capabilities and an attractive housing that surrounds it while on the wall. Select a central control design that matches your interior décor.