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The Best Tips for Safe Use of a Backhoe Loader in Construction Sites

Moving soil is a demanding and painfully slow process. However, you can save a lot of time and money if you have the right equipment at hand. For example, a backhoe loader is a multi-purpose machine you can use for excavating and carrying soil within the site. If you are hiring a backhoe loader for the first time, it is important to ensure the safe operation of the machine. This will minimise the possibility of accidents while helping make the most of your earthmoving equipment. In this piece, you will learn some important tips for operating a backhoe loader safely:

Lower the Bucket

The first rule of using a backhoe loader is to keep its bucket low at all times. You should only raise it when the need arises. Particularly, the front bucket should always be as low as possible when you carry soil in it. Keeping it low prevents the possibility of tipping if the machine hits an obstacle or pothole.

Familiarise Yourself With the Manual

A site owner is responsible for many things. It is your duty to make sure that everyone on the site is aware of the risk involved in undertaking his or her work. Therefore, it is important that everyone whose work might involve the backhoe loader understands the working mechanisms of the machine. Give them manufacturer's manuals so that they can read and digest the possible risks involved. Specifically, this is an important step in cases where most of your workers don't have much experience working with backhoe loaders.

Contact Local Utility Companies

In modern cities, utility lines such as sewers, electric, telephones, fibre optic cables and water conduits sit beneath the ground. The technique keeps the utility lines away from too much traffic that increases the potential of accidents and damage. However, earthmoving equipment such as backhoe loaders can dig deep into the soil and reach the utility lines. You need to contact your local authority or utility line companies to survey the area and establish where these lines lie before commencing work. Failure to do will result in unprecedented accidents and liabilities that you had not included in your budget. 

Regular Checks and Maintenance

Excavation is a tough job. Your backhoe loader needs the best care it can get for it to stay in great shape and perform as well as you wish. Always check the machine's fluid levels before commencing work to ensure that they are in line with the manufacturer's recommendations. The fluids reduce wear and tear. Additionally, you need to look out for physical damage on shafts, buckets and the cabin.

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