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Two tips for parents who want to redesign their child's bedroom

If you want to redesign your child's bedroom, following the tips below could help you with this project.

Consider getting a custom wardrobe made

It is worth finding a contractor who makes custom wardrobes and having them create one for your daughter or son's room. The reason for this is as follows; along with the bed, the wardrobe is one of the main features of any bedroom. Because of its prominence, it can greatly affect a room's look. As such, if your goal is to redesign the bedroom and give it a completely new look that your child will adore, then it's worth working with a contractor to create a fun and functional wardrobe. Making sure that this prominent item is cleverly designed and interesting to look at will make the rest of the redesign project easier, as you can stick to simpler decorative items and furniture in the other parts of the room if you have at least one eye-catching piece of furniture in this space.

There are lots of different styles of wardrobe you could opt for. For example, if your child is obsessed with fairytales and is always asking you to read these type of stories to them, then they would probably be thrilled with a wardrobe that is designed to look like a fairytale castle and which is painted to match the rest of their bedroom decor. This item could add a wonderfully magical ambience to the room. Similarly, if they are fascinated by anything to do with astronomy and space travel, the contractor could make the wardrobe in the shape of a rocket-ship, an alien spacecraft or a planet.

Opt for open-shelf storage for your child's books and toys

If the contractor is going to build some storage for your child's book and toy collections, then it is best to ask them to construct some open shelves. The reason for this is as follows; if you are trying to encourage your child to be tidy and put their belongings away after they are finished with them, open shelves are better than cabinets with doors. If your child's room features the latter, they can simply stuff everything into the cabinets in a completely disorganised manner, leave the cabinets' contents in total disarray and still make their room seem tidy (even though the mess is simply hidden away).

However, if they have open shelves, they will need to return their books and toys to their rightful places on the shelves after each use, and ensure that they are placed neatly on these surfaces, in order to make their room look tidy. In short, getting this type of storage, that keeps their toys and books on display all of the time, will stop them from shirking their room-tidying responsibilities.

For more information on custom wardrobes, reach out to a local general contractor.